Father of Wisdom

We as professionals choose to hold on to parts of our thoughts, fears, blocks and emotions by not expressing them when experienced. When thoughts, fears, blocks and emotions are buried within our bodies they drain our vital energy, power, clarity and create physical, mental, emotional and monetary imbalance and disease.


Family life patterns are created when thoughts or emotions are left unexpressed and not fully acknowledged. They then become cellular memory which is passed on for generations through DNA polypeptide chains The body and heart are transmitters for internal programming. Our bodies talk to us to help us pay attention to inner messages that inform you that some part of your life is out of balance.

Life is Good!


By focusing and using the principles of Dr. Richard London’s Life Wellness System, the human body moves through several stages of transformation and personal growth.

Imagine removing all your personal and professional stuff. When the stuff is removed, all that left is the authentic professional with the capability of creating Wealth, Wellness, Harmony, Love, and More Now.

Get your path to wealth and success.


When we learn the secrets of heart-centered intelligence through the symbolism of our bodies and hear the words, feelings and wisdom they speak to us; we can then unlock all life doors to truly knowing ourselves. We are now on the Road to Yes, I know which leads to becoming and experiencing the only 21st century life path, “WELLNESSAIRE”.

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